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Nov. 28, 2023

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The motor is the lifeblood of your fan and what will keep it pushing out air for years to come. If the motor isn’t up to the job, your fan will struggle, and it won’t last as long as it should. There are two types of motors commonly used for fans: sleeve bearing and ball bearing types.

A sleeve bearing motor has a recirculating oil system to keep parts lubed up as the motor works. This is usually less expensive, but if you prefer to use your fan on low speeds or turn it on and off frequently, it’s hard for the sleeve to stay lubricated. This type of use — which is very common in garage and workshop settings — will end up causing wear on the bearings of this type of motor, ultimately shortening its life.

A dual ball bearing motor, on the other hand, is designed to stay more evenly lubricated regardless of the operating speed. It also typically withstands a greater range of temperatures, which is perfect for a fan that you’ll use in a hot garage, but which may also end up being stored in cold winter temperatures as well. A dual ball bearing motor is harder to find, but it’s a much more durable choice for any high-velocity blower fan.

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Garage Fan Buying Guide: The Features You ... - Newair

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