What should you pay attention to when using micro switches?

Author: Geym

Jun. 18, 2024

The so-called micro switch can open the switch with very little force, and the distance between the contacts is relatively small, and the torque is relatively large. Generally speaking, the size is divided into small and ultra-small, and there is also a super small one. Customers can look at the size of the switch they need and buy it according to the specific situation. Many mouse buttons used in our daily life are the role of micro switches. So what kind of environment is required for the installation and use of this switch?

When manually welding a micro switch, try to choose a temperature lower than 320℃, and ensure that the configuration can be completed within three seconds. At the same time, it should be noted that when working, you must not apply pressure on the terminal part, otherwise the equipment may not operate normally. If the switch is used at a relatively small current or voltage, it is best to use a low-power circuit, that is, Au clad contacts. At the same time, when using the switch, pay attention to waterproofing, and the temperature must be within the specified range. Only when all the above conditions are met can this type of switch be able to exert its greatest power and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Only in this way can the service life of the switch be extended.


Precautions for using micro switches

1) When fixing the switch body, use M2 small screws to fix it on a smooth surface with a torque of less than 0.098N·m. In addition, to prevent the screws from loosening again, it is recommended to use washers at the same time.

2) Please note that the actuator should not directly apply force to the button or actuator in the free state. When using, the button should be applied in the lateral direction.

3) The action setting after the action is based on 70[%] or more of the O.T. value. In the case of switches, do not set the actuator to the action limit position to avoid opening and closing accompanied by impact and over-travel, which will shorten the life.

4) In the case of hand soldering, use an electric temperature of 320℃ with temperature control, complete the work within 3 seconds, and pay attention not to apply force to the terminal during the work.

5) When using it under fine current and voltage, it is recommended to use a low-power circuit type.




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